Law Enforcement

The mission of Defense Innovation is to provide realistic training/less  lethal systems to provide for realistic results. Making force-on-force  training effective and most importantly safe for all users is our common  goal. Our training systems can be customized to fit the needs of your  officers while at the same time bring a sense of good conditioning and  good decision making skills.



Riot Suppression:

In a riot or other large disturbance, the operator can load the  magazine with LR-PXX rounds, to disperse the crowd, and switch  immediately to the rubber balls for less-lethal deterrent against  individuals.  

Domestic Violence/ Inhibited Suspects:

The Defense Innovation less lethal launchers can be very useful in  subduing trouble subjects safely. Deploying the LR-PXX/LR-Rubber round  you can subdue any subject from a safe distance. This means your  officers can exercise extreme caution and deploy our systems at a safe  distance, knowing their safety is assured.  

Barricaded Subjects:

For suspects barricaded in a structure, officers can use LR-Glass  rounds to breach a window... then switch magazine to the load with  LR-PXX to fill the structure with a cloud of irritants. forcing subject  to evacuate enclosed space. 



 Less Lethal System that allows its user  to incapacitate MULTIPLE subjects

Less Lethal Rounds


 PAVA rounds with payload to incapacitate violent  subjects 

Training Rounds


 Realistic training for realistic results