At Defense Innovation we also represent Private Security agencies and  officers. Whether you are protecting personnel or goods our launchers  will answer the call. In states all across the US as well as countries  throughout the world, there are no special Licenses or certifications  required to carry our launchers. Our systems boast the most realistic  qualities, not only cosmetically but functionally as well. Just carrying  our systems, will offer your officers a visual intimidation factor  allowing those looking to cause problems the chance to rethink their  intentions. Our projectiles and launchers are not only safe but  effective, and can be customized to fit your needs.

Defense Innovation's systems can also be used for home defense. We  offer a wide range of projectiles that will allow you to effectively  protect yourself and your property without having to use lethal force.  The launchers are 100% legal to own and do not require a permit to  operate. They are safe and are able to be used by the whole family.




 Less Lethal System that allows its user  to incapacitate MULTIPLE subjects

Less Lethal Rounds


 PAVA rounds with payload to incapacitate violent  subjects 

Training Rounds


 Realistic training for realistic results