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Defender Package

Defender Package for home defense and personal protection. When you can't have or don't want a firearm to defend you and your family, this Defender Package gives you another solution.

The statistics are staggering: there are 95,000 rapes reported every year in the U.S., 875,000 assaults, and 400,000 other violent crimes. You have a voice in your own defense and now you have means, too. 

Shoots .50 caliber rubber rounds , powdered by co2 which can be stored away when the moment is needed.

Package Includes

 The package comes with everything you need and ready for use:

1 x Revolver .50 cal

5 x Magazines

3 x Co2 cartridge (shoot 150 rounds)

100 x High Impact Rubber Balls


Operation Type: Semi-Automatic

Ammunition Type: .50 caliber rubber rounds

Ammunition Source: 6 rd Magazine

Range: +/- 60ft

Velocity: +/- 350fps

Air Source: 12g CO2

  For pricing and ordering request, email info@defenseinnovation.com