We are Defense Innovation, located in the San Diego County, California. At Defense Innovation we offer a long line of  Force on Force training Systems as well as Less Lethal Alternatives for  MIL/LE/Gov/Corrections/Private Security Personnel. We also manufacture a  vast line of Projectiles, from PAVA to Dye marking rounds. Our  launchers boast the highest quality materials and are built right here  in the U.S.A. We offer the most realistic training platforms available  in a .68 caliber form.

We understand the importance of safe, reliable, cost-effective  training systems. Which is why we guarantee our products will be ready  when duty calls. We offer a cost-effective line of products that will  fit perfectly with your departments/agencies budget without sacrificing  quality or reliability. Our products will add a new dynamic to your  training regimen- “Realistic training for realistic results.”

Our Projectiles also offer the highest quality materials and are  inspected individually to maintain quality assurance. Our systems are  completely upgradable and can be easily customized to meet your specific  needs. We do not require any SPECIAL CERTIFICATION/ LICENSE,  but we do  provide a detailed/ informative instruction class on maintenance and  troubleshooting for each individual system. Our systems are easy to use  and are guaranteed to keep you safe in high-stress situations.