We are Defense Innovation, located in San Diego County, California. At Defense Innovation we offer a long line of Force on Force training Systems as well as Less Lethal Alternatives for MIL/LE/Gov/Corrections/Private Security Personnel.

We also manufacture a vast line of Projectiles, from PAVA to Dye marking rounds.

We understand the importance of safe, reliable, cost-effective training systems.  We offer a cost-effective line of products that will fit perfectly with your department/agency's budget without sacrificing quality or reliability. Our products will add a new dynamic to your training regimen- “Realistic training for realistic results.”

Our Projectiles also offer the highest quality materials and are inspected individually to maintain quality assurance. Our systems are completely up-gradable and can be easily customized to meet your specific needs. We do not require any SPECIAL CERTIFICATION/ LICENSE, but we do provide a detailed/ informative instruction class on maintenance and troubleshooting for each individual system. Our systems are easy to use for high-stress situations.