Department on Corrections Agencies throughout the world can benefit greatly from our Less Lethal Systems. We offer a wide range of projectiles as well as Launchers to facilitate the need of ALL types of institutions. All of our Systems can be deployed safely and confidently, as our number one priority is OFFICER Safety.


Cell Extraction:
When dealing with suicidal even violent inmates we no how important it is to keep your officers safe. Our launchers and rounds are able to subdue even the most hardened of subjects safely and effectively.

Riot/ Yard Disturbance: 
We know the yard can be a ticking time bomb, and our systems are guaranteed to be ready when that bomb goes off. Our launchers allow officers to safely deploy multiple types of projectiles on MULTIPLE subjects. Depending on your needs we can provide you a solution whether its for assaults or crowd control.

 Prisoner Transport:
Transporting inmates is one of the most delicate procedures done by corrections personnel. We have multiple solutions that can be administered to keep inmates in line and safe during transport.

Tower Personnel:
Defense Innovation provides a full range of extended range impact rounds, PAVA rounds, even marking rounds to subdue subjects safely and effectively. Our marking rounds can be used to identify sources of crowd disturbances.