Defender Package HDB 16 Joules TB 340FPS+ Home Defense Semi Auto Shotgun (.68 Cal)

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This package comes with everything you need to start using the shotgun right away

***This Package comes with CO2, it cannot be shipped via air shipping method***
***Use ground shipping only, the FREE CO2 will be removed if the air shipping method is selected===

This shotgun model shoots spherical .68 caliber projectiles.

This is a factory production version, it comes with manufacturer warranty.

The T4E Tactical Blaster TB 68 is a formidable .68 caliber shotgun, crafted for seamless operation in any tactical scenario. It boasts an integrated ammunition capacity of 16 rounds, enabling quick successive shots without the need for reloading. This feature makes it exceptionally suited for both tactical and defense operations. This is a factory production version, it comes with a manufacturer warranty.

Effortless Operation and Immediate Readiness: 
Designed for simplicity and instant use, the TB 68 features a high-capacity internal tube magazine and the renowned Quick-Piercing System. A light tap at the bottom of the grip pierces the CO₂ cartridge right when you need it, enabling long-term storage without compromising quick availability.

Rapid Fire Capability: 
The double-action trigger allows for swift firing of up to sixteen .68 caliber pellets. With Picatinny rails, you can easily mount aiming aids and other accessories to customize your blaster.

Enhanced Precision: 
For precise shooting, the sight radius extends over the entire length of the 13-inch (330mm) barrel, ensuring accuracy with every shot.

Package Includes:
1 x 16J HDB
1 x FREE 12g co2 pack
1 x Impact projectile
1 x Steel Core projectile

Technical Specifications:
- Caliber: .68 Cal
- Range: +/- 60ft
- Velocity: +/- 340fps
- Impact power:  16 Joules
- Integrated Magazine Capacity: 16 rounds
- Power Source: 1x 12 g CO₂
- Trigger: Double Action Only
- Safety: Push button Safety
- Length: 25 inches (638mm)
- Weight: 3.5lbs (1600g)
- Warranty: Factory Warranty