HDR50 HDR68 TR50 HDS HDP50 HDB Air Tank And Air Line Adapter

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Works with HDR50 Home Defense Revolver, TR50 Training Revolver, HDS Home Defense Shotgun, HDP Home Defense Pistol and HDB Home Defense Bravo.

Attach this adapter to your the launcher and you will able to use any size air tank. Compatible with CO2 and compressed air.  Shoot nearly unlimited shot without using any of the 12g disposable cylinders.

Combine with this adapter (  and use 88g / 90g / 3oz Cylinder with your launcher

Compatible to:
TR50 Revolver
HDR 50 Revolver
HDR 68 Revolver
HDS Shotgun
HDB Shotgun
HDP 50 Pistol

- Material: 6061 Aircraft Aluminum

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