HDR68 Holster Flashlight Laser Compatible (Right Hand)

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This holster is designed to be compatible with this laser/flashlight. It is highly ergonomic. with a quick-release/quick-locking button that allows for a quick draw and automatic locking when your gun is reholstered.

High Safety: It will automatically lock on the trigger when you put the weapon in, and make a "click" sound to let you know that it is securely locked. Pull the weapon out quickly by pressing the button with your index finger.

Made of military polymer material, easy to clean, and maintain, and light to carry. Simple structure in the internal design. The protruding button makes it easier to touch.

Optional Attachment:
- Belt: Attach the holster to a belt
- Combat/Duty Belt Clip
: Attach the holster to a combat duty or web belt
- Paddle:  Attach holster to pants with comfort
- MOLLE: Attach the holster to MOLLE gear.

Optional Side:
-Left hand
-Right hand

Compatible To These T4E Models:
HDR 68

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