Integrated Laser GEN3 Model HDR 50 TR50L 13 Joules 480FPS+ Home Defense Revolver (.50 Cal)

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This is the generation 3 model, it is the latest production with a reinforced valve for greater reliability and durability.

Integrated Laser HDR 50 TR50 13 Joules power factory production version comes with  factory warranty.  The laser is integrated below the barrel for easy access and operation.

This is the ultimate personal defense launcher, the best you can get for the highest velocity with the most impact power for a .50 Cal system. The Revolver .50 Cal HDR 50 TR50L 13 Joules Home Defense Revolver is powered by 12g CO2 located in the pistol grip. It can be stored away and ready for use at the moment needed.

Designed with modern styling and dual Picatinny rails for mounting a red dot sight, laser, or flashlight. This pistol features a lightweight polymer frame with internal metal parts including the trigger and hammer.

Loading this gun is easy with the circular clip that slides out from behind the stationary cylinder. The clip holds 6 .50 caliber.

The most reliable defense launcher in the industry shoots all types of .50 caliber projectiles: Steel Projectiles, Shaped Projectiles, Pepper Projectiles, Rubber Projectiles, Nylon Projectiles

This is a factory production version, it comes with a manufacturer warranty.
NOTE the label on the product displays 11J. The laser version TR50L is only available with a power output of 13 joules at 480fps. The non-laser version is only at 450fps.

Package Includes:
1 x Revolver .50 Cal
5 x Magazines


Operation Type: Semi-Automatic
Ammunition Type: .50 caliber rubber rounds
Ammunition Source: 6 rds Magazine
Range: +/- 60ft
Velocity: +/- 480fps
Impact power:  13 Joules
Air-Source: 12g CO2
Warranty: factory warranty

Loading/Shooting/Operation Video: