Shaped Projectile Solid Self Defense Projectile Ammo (Available .68 Cal)

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Engineered for top-notch shooting velocity, these projectiles deliver maximum impact. They represent a formidable option for self-defense, showcasing remarkable effectiveness. The specially designed shape of the projectile guarantees unparalleled penetration into the target. A robust plastic fin provides stability during flight, ensuring a precise shot pattern, even at extended distances, effectively piercing materials like glass, plywood, or thin sheet metal. Additionally, the plastic sabot further enhances flight stability, enabling accuracy over even greater distances. Each order is packaged containing 100 rounds.


Product details of the bullets:
- Stabilized fin for maximum velocity speed
- Maximum impact and penetration
- License-free handling
- Delivery in a container with 100 shots
- Cal. 68
- Bullet weight 3.2g per bullet

  • Maximum impact and penetration
  • The most powerful self-defense bullets on the market
  • Effectively penetrate materials such as glass, plywood, or thin sheet metal.
  • Able to shoot with HDS Shotgun/HDR68
  • Able to shoot with First Strike T15 Paintball Gun or First Strike FSC Pistol
  • Able to shoot with Valken M17 and Valken CQMF
  • Able to shoot with EMF100 MG100
  • Able to shoot with Pepperball TCP or Pepperball VKS
  • Able to shoot with TIPX Pistol with the long-range kit.

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